First Post

This is the first post I will make for Tracts & Treatises. Pastors throughout the centuries have found writing to be a profitable exercise in the course of their shepherding duties. Whether it was Ambrose or Chrysostom, Luther or Calvin, pastors throughout the history of the church have often used letters, short pamphlets and longer doctrinal works to supplement their regular teaching ministry. This allowed them to minister to the needs of the saints under their care as well as extend their ministry to areas outside their own flock. Historically, a pastor’s writing ministry has ranged from letter writing in order to encourage beleaguered saints, to theological writing in order to clearly explain the doctrines of the faith as well as correct those who contradict.


I hope to use the contemporary medium of this blog in a similar way. The title hints at the varied nature of the issues to be addressed and the format of a blog will establish certain limitations on content. All things considered, my hope is that Christ will be honored and his church built up as a result of the writing to follow.


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