Job and Jesus

“Surely now God has worn me out; he has made desolate all my company. And he has shriveled me up, which is a witness against me, and my leanness has risen against me; it testifies to my face. He has torn me in his wrath and hated me; he has gnashed his teeth at me; my adversary sharpens his eye against me.

Men have gaped at me with their mouth; they have struck me insolently on the cheek; they mass themselves together against me. God gives me up to the ungodly and casts me into the hands of the wicked. I was at ease, and he broke me apart; he seized me by the neck and dashed me to pieces; he has set me up as his target; his archers surround me. He slashes my kidneys and does not spare; he pours out my gall on the ground. He breaks upon me with breach upon breach. He runs upon me like a warrior.

I have sewed sackcloth upon my skin and have laid my strength in the dust. My face is red with weeping. And on my eyelids is deep darkness although their is no violence in my hands and my prayer is pure. O earth, cover not my blood and let my cry find no resting place. Even now, behold, my witness is in heaven and he who testifies for me is on high.” (Job 16:7-19)

While Job no doubt felt every word that he was saying, Job uses language here that goes beyond even his own horrific experience.  The agony of Job was fulfilled in the passion of Jesus. The purity of Job is fulfilled in Jesus. The testimony that Job awaited from heaven would ultimately be fulfilled in the great God of heaven raising Jesus from the dead. Is it any wonder that Peter could say “of him all the prophets bear witness”!


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