Relevance and the Bible

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Rev. 2:11)

I taught this passage in prayer meeting last night and was reminded of the enduring relevance of the Word of God. Seven times, to seven churches we read the command to write the words of Christ.  And then, seven times, we see the admonition to listen to this Spirit-given word. Notice: the Spirit and Christ are saying the same thing.

Pressing home the point of relevance…the Spirit and Christ are always saying the thing they said. The verb “says” is in the present tense. In the context, the Spirit is giving a standing “invitation” to the church to hear these words for as long as it is the church. The Spirit is still in the process of “saying” something to the churches.

Furthermore, what the Spirit is saying to a particular church, he is also saying to “the churches” as a collective whole. What the Spirit was saying to the church in Smyra, for instance, he was also saying to Ephesus and is still saying to the church in Toledo, or Paris, or Shanghai. He is saying the same something that he has been saying all along.

This begins to show us biblically defined “relevance.” For starters, there is never a time that the Word of God is not relevant to a person’s life because there is never a time when the Spirit of God is not speaking through it!  


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