I am periodically asked about good resources that will help someone to gain a proper dispensational understanding. I would strongly recommend S. Lewis Johnson , a former professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, in this area. His online sermons are available (see especially The Divine Purpose and Eschatology). I often find him to articulate what seems to be the most clear-headed combination of biblical theology and a dispensational hermeneutic while also recognizing the very important covenantal character of God and framework of Scripture.

I like to say with John MacArthur that there are various forms of dispensationalism that “ought to die,” so in that sense I am a somewhat chastened dispensationalist. But I also believe that there are biblical truths that a proper understanding of the dispensational framework of Scripture helps us to see.

For another helpful dispensational site see Michael J. VlachAssistant Professor of Theology at The Master’s Seminary and his page on Supersessionism.

Many times critiques of dispensationalism miss the mark through misrepresentation. For an intelligent and honest attempt at a critique of dispensationalism by a non-dispensationalist see Vern S. Poythress in his book Understanding Dispensationalists.


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