Heart Cry By Arlita Winston

Many of the readers of this blog will be familiar with Arlita Winston. When she had the opportunity to speak to the ladies of our congregation it was a great blessing. I noticed today that the Westminster Bookstore is going to be carrying her book Heart Cry.

For those who are not familiar with her, this is a very encouraging autobiographical story from the perspective of a girl growing up as the daughter of missionaries. It is due to hit the shelves here in July. Her website gives a summary of the book:

Arlita Winston lived in the jungles of Sumatra, the child of missionaries David and Helen Morken. Decades later, she looks back and tells how her parents, aunt and uncle braved wild panthers and pythons, head-hunters, hardship and even death to bring God’s love to the native people there. Heart-Cry is that story, but it is more than a missionary biography. In the remarkable story of the life of this one family and those they touch is a living picture of the way God pursues all people, of whatever race or creed. He pursues those who love Him and those who do not; He pursues the missionaries and the cannibals alike; and His faithfulness and divine preparation and intervention can be seen in the lives of each. In God’s workings in their lives, the author finds timeless truths about God and faith that apply today as much as they did then.

Today after 49 years of marriage, 5 children and 28 grandchildren, Arlita finds she is living in a world no more secure than when she was growing up. She is convinced of God’s goodness which turns the worst experiences into good when we cooperate with Him. Heart-Cry is for every heart-sick child who has never been presented with the cry of God’s love. It will resonate with children of ministers and missionaries and with anyone who suffered hardships in childhood and who yearns for a perfect Father. Heart-Cry offers insight, inspiration, and healing for God’s children who have experienced unresolved conflict and suffering in service for Him.

Tolle Lege!


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