Wayward Children

Dan Fabricatore has some good comments here from a pastoral perspective on the tragic reality of wayward children. There are few things that are more burdensome for a parent than this.

After two decades of pastoral ministry, his post is helpfully pastoral because he recognizes the genuine heartache and common difficulty of counseling parents who are in this situation. At the same time, his post is also theologically informed in that it recognizes the reality of false conversion.

Unsaved ChildrenThe tragedy of unsaved children who grow up under the hearing of the gospel is not new to our day, however. In the 17th century Edward Lawrence produced a booklet called Parents Concerns for Their Unsaved Children, counseling Christian parents who recognized that they had unbelieving children. If you are in this situation this may be a booklet that you would want to pick up.

your-childs-professionFor those who are looking for a resource that will give them guidance on how to counsel their children toward Christ, I have found Dennis Gundersen’s little booklet invaluable.  If you aren’t able to get your hands on one, contact me and I will give you a copy. May God grant wisdom to parents who are seeking to make disciples of their children in whatever circumstance they find themselves.


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