Ladies Growing in Grace

Nate Graham is a faithful pastor down the road a bit in Milford. Among other things, Nate is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary and has a well-earned reputation as a strong expositor of Scripture. I have been told that he can be heard on our local Christian radio, but I have not confirmed that and I keep forgetting to ask him! Nevertheless, it is a joy to take a moment here and there on this blog to thank God for faithful pastors like him who are co-laborers in gospel ministry.

My main reason for writing this post however is to inform. There will be a women’s conference with Martha Peace as the speaker held at Berean Community Church (where Nate pastors). The name of the conference is Becoming a Titus 2 Woman which is also a title of one of Martha Peace’s books.

 Damsels In DistressI would like to recommend this conference to any ladies who are able to make it. I bought my wife her first Martha Peace book, The Excellent Wife: A Biblical Perspective, about ten years ago and she has found it to be, well, excellent! In our congregation we will be having a women’s study that will springboard off the momentum of this conference into a study of another Martha Peace book called Damsels In Distress: Biblical Solutions for Problems Women Face.  This women’s study will begin Monday night, Sept 21 and will continue with a new chapter on the third Monday of every month. If you intend to participate you should purchase your books beforehand. More information will follow in our congregational updates.


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  1. Billy, thanks for the hit on this.

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