Christian Joy – In God

I have recently had several meditations on the reality and blessedness of Christian joy criss-cross in my studies. I offer a few thoughts here (and in two posts to follow) so that you might tease these threads of joy out for yourself.

First, I came across Isaiah 12:3 – “with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation…” This passage in 12:1-6 was a great blessing to me as I was drawn into it. The joy spoken of in verse 3, has its ground in God. 

 The ground of joy (v. 1-2):

  • surprising mercy – “though you were angry…your anger turned away” (v. 1)
  • divine comfort – “that you might comfort me” (v. 1)
  • fear dissolving faith – “I will trust, and will not be afraid” (v. 2)
  • strength to sing – “the LORD is my strength and song” (v. 2)

 Furthermore, the fruit of joy is seen springing up in a beautiful way from this knowledge of God and awareness of mercy. 

The gift of joy (v. 3-6):

  • life-giving fount
  • unlimited access
  • ongoing resource
  • perpetual participation
  • regularly rejuvenated joy
  • unrestrained song

 Ultimately, our joy is in God and by grace we are partakers through Christ. There is no joy quite like the joy of unmerited mercy. Come to the well of salvation for joy, Christian…come often, and bring a big bucket.


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