I Will Not Let Go Until You Bless Me

This morning I was reading through a portion of Stanley Porter’s intermediate volume on Greek grammar, Idioms of the Greek New Testament, and I needed a little motivation and encouragment to make it through the section on prepositions. I personally find Porter more exciting to read in the sections on verbs and participles than on prepositions (I realize that for some readers of this blog, this is like describing their relative enthusiasm for both pig’s feet and turkey gizzard). Nevertheless, for you language learners out there, I thought you might appreciate this encouragment from Ulrich Zwingli (1513), quoted by Rodney Decker in his Koine Greek Reader, p. 8:

I have firmly decided to study Greek. Nobody except God can prevent it. It is not a matter of personal ambition, but one of understanding the most Sacred Writings.

For those of you pressing toward the goal of profficiency in biblical languages be encouraged. Those who sow the labor, in due time also shall reap the blessing.


2 responses to “I Will Not Let Go Until You Bless Me

  1. I love the study of languages and their syntax, but… I also like pigs’ feet and turkey gizzards.

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