The Geneva Academy Lecture Series

Grace Fellowship Church is again hosting The Geneva Academy Lecture Series and the topic is an interesting one, though it will no doubt be surprising to many: “Slavery Still Exists in America: Human Trafficking and the Church’s Response”.

Here is a blurb from the promo:

“Slavery has been identified in over one hundred of our cities; the real number is undoubtedly much higher. When we hear about slavery in our midst, the tendency is to think, ‘Not in my town.’ In a way, we consider ourselves above it, especially if we live in comfortable, relatively trouble-free communities. The harsh truth is, modern-day slavery is in your town. You are not protected from it by nationality, race, gender, or income. It can afflict anyone – the gardener down the street, the construction crew on a local office building, your neighbor’s housekeeper, your daughter on her way to the mall. Americans are going to have to adjust to the fact that people are enslaved all around us and that the solution to this problem lies, in large measure, within ourselves.” – Kevin Bales, “Free the Slaves”

If topic seems too remote, or too unrealistic, this might be just the eye-opener that you need to hear. The grace of the gospel has caused men like John Newton to speak out against the injustice of slave trade in his day. May God do the same today.


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