All the Difference In the World

In the gospel of Jesus Christ we have freedom from bondage, forgiveness of sins, adoption as children, unswerving kindness from God, undiminished hope, and eternal love. In the person and work of Jesus Christ we have a Redeemer and a redemption far greater than a thousand tongues could tell. And this message makes all the difference in the world, while we are living in the world. 

“Consider another picture of the gospel arriving. This time not the ancient town crier, but a modern prison camp. Imagine American prisoners of war held behind barbed wire in a camp with little food and filthy conditions near the end of the Second World War. On the outside of the fence the captors are free and go about their business as though they don’t have a care. Inside the fence the captured soldiers are thin, hollow-eyed, unshaven, and dirty. Some die each day.

            Then somehow a short wave radio is smuggled into one of the barracks. There is a connection with the outside world and the progress of the war. Then one day the captors on the outside of the fence see something very strange. Inside the fence the weak, dirty, unshaven American soldiers are smiling and laughing, and a few who have the strength give a whoop and throw tin pans into the air.

            What makes this so strange to everyone outside the fence is that nothing has changed. These American soldiers are still in captivity. They still have little food and water. And many are still sick and dying. But what the captors don’t know is that what these soldiers do have is news. The enemy lines have been broken through. The decisive battle of liberation has been fought. And the liberating troops are only miles from the camp. Freedom is imminent.” John Piper, God is the Gospel, p. 20-21.

May this message make all the difference in the world for you today.

By the way, this book, and other books by Piper are available for free online here.


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