Music: The Perspective of A Cainite vs. A Christian

I recently preached through Genesis 4 and those truths are still swimming in my thoughts. The genealogy of chapter 4 documents the ungodly family line descending from Cain to Lamech who was the epitomy of ungodliness. This line is also characterized by many examples of high culture, advanced learning and technological development. None of these things are wrong in themselves. In fact, there is great blessing in the sovereign grace of God which would allow fallen humanity to enjoy these cultural advances and material abundance.  The problem simply lies in this…in all their good things, God was absent. Their ultimate good was thought to be in the things, rather than the Giver of the things. This is the essence of idolatry.

The same often happens today.

As Christians we are to find in Christ our all in all. We should not abandon the blessings of God in the world merely because the world enjoys them as well. The Sethites lived in cities and the psalmists used musical instruments. But these things should not form our identity. The Sethites used the same stuff as the Cainites but were known by their relationship to God. There are many blessings that God allows us to use in our day also but we should have a readiness to leave it all in a moment, for the sake of Christ.

Instead of relishing the good things of the world as an end in themselves, we should relish Christ, to whom all good things ultimately point. Our problem is that the eyes of our heart are often fastened on created things and they become our end and goal. We worship and serve the created thing rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever, Amen (Rom. 1:25). But the Bible points a different way. The Bible everywhere points us to Christ.

“Christ…is your life” (Col. 3:4)

“Christ is all, and in all” (Col. 3:10)

We are singing a new song in our congregation this week, “All I Have Is Christ.” I would encourage you to think about the reality of your life. What is it all about? What are YOU all about? Can you, with any shred of honesty, sing “All I have is Christ.”  If not, do you wish you could? Ask God for the grace to reckon yourself dead to this world and alive in Christ.



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