Global Christianity and Overseas Missions

Last night I taught on 2 Timothy 2:8-13. In this section of Scripture Paul makes an astounding claim. He speaks of his ministry of preaching the gospel…

            “for which I am bound with chains as a criminal. But the word of God is not bound!”  (2 Tim. 2:9)

It is the nature of the gospel to survive every attack, overcome every obstacle, and adapt to every cultural setting. Because of these characteristics, Christianity is growing at a phenomenal rate in various places in the world. Consider the following:

“Christianity’s growth, especially in the developing world, has been explosive. There are now six times more Anglicans in Nigeria alone than there are in all of the United States. There are more Presbyterians in Ghana than in the United States and Scotland combined. Korea has gone from 1 percent Christian to 40 percent Christian in a hundred years, and experts believe the same thing is going to happen in China. If there are half a billion Chinese Christians fifty years from now, that will change the course of human history.” Tim Keller, The Reason For Godp. 6.

Let your sanctified imagination stew on that last line for a few moments. The gospel has been shaping the course of world history since the inbreaking of the kingdom in the incarnation of Christ. It is no less potent of a message in our day. To God be the glory!


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