A Couple of Books

Two friends of mine published books in the last couple of months that I thought I would draw attention to.

Dan Fabricatore is a pastor in Maryland who, by the example his ministry of the word of God, set the bar high for me as I was aspiring to the same kind of ministry. When we sat under his ministry, my wife always said he was her second favorite preacher (!). It was apparent then that one of Dan’s strengths was his love for truth which was expressed in careful exegesis of the biblical text. I was also able to see this from a different angle a couple years later when I had him as a prof for a Greek exegesis class on the book of Colossians at Baptist Bible Seminary.

In Form of God, Form of A Servant, Dan takes a synchronic approach to studying the meaning of the Greek word morphe as it is used in Phillippians 2:6-7. If you are a pastor preaching through Philippians or teaching Christology you won’t want to overlook this.

Jonathan Bonomo is a good brother with a love for historical theology. Conversations in our undergraduate studies together were instrumental in my own theological development. It is a joy to continue our studies together again at Westminster Theological Seminary.

In Incarnation and Sacrament, Jon writes about a subject very helpful to pastors and churches. The centrality of the Lord’s Supper is not to be missed in the life of the church and Michael Horton says this book “is essential reading for pastors.”

Jon, congratulations on birthing the book before your wife birthed the baby!


One response to “A Couple of Books

  1. Billy,

    Thanks for the kind remarks.


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