Christ in Colossians

This is the first day of what the church refers to as Holy Week. You can see a harmony of biblical passages here to follow the chronological flow of events: Holy Week.

We are also starting a study of Colossians today during our teaching hour. To study Colossians is to consider the person and work of Christ. Colossians considers Christ from almost every angle.

  • It considers him as he relates to God.
  • It considers him as he relates to the created order
  • It considers him as he relates to the church.
  • Doug Moo has said, “Christology is the theological heart of Colossians, and, like the spokes of a wheel, all the other themes of the letter radiate from it.” The Letters to the Colossians and to Philemon, p. 63.

Believers are those who

  • are in Christ (1:2)
  • have faith in Christ Jesus (1:4; cf. 2:5),
  • have redemption in him (1:14),
  • are mature/complete in Christ (1:28; 2:10),
  • walk in him (2:6),
  • are firmly rooted and being built up in him (2:7)
  • have died and rise with him (2:12) 
  • and have been circumcised in him (2:11).
  • This incorporation into Christ is to be missionally manifested (3:18, 20) 

Our whole life is in Christ. Christ is sufficient to give us all that God intends to provide in our salvation.

John MacArthur has written on the sufficiency of Christ some time ago in his book “Our Sufficiency in Christ.” In it, he makes an arguement that the church commonly falls into patterns of thought and life where Christ is seen as insufficient for our Christian lives. We will look at at least four together.

1)      Psychology

2)      Pragmatism

3)      Mysticism

4)      Legalism

“Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” (Col. 1:28)


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