The Family Needs The Church

 It is good to emphasize family discipleship. There are too many places where this is being neglected today. But it must also be remembered that any discipleship that is truly Christian cannot happen apart from the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The most basic application of this is that worshipping families should not neglect the worshipping church. As Terry Johnson puts it:

“Simply, the first and primary key to your family’s spiritual health is a commitment to the weekly public worship services of the church. The most important single commitment you have to make to ensure your family’s spiritual well-being is to regular, consistent attendance at public worship.” The Family Worship Book, p. 3.

In our congregation,we have often emphasized the need for regular, and ideally daily, family worship. And the family’s week of worship culminates in the worship of God on the Lord’s Day with the Lord’s people, the church.


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