Good and Bad Reasons to Leave a Church

Often pastors have to shepherd sheep in the action of entering and exiting the church. Over the last 6 years I have been on both sides of this equation many times. There are good reasons for leaving a church but often times decisions are made in this area that are guided by emotion or worldly thinking and not Scripture. This inevitably produces bad decisions that don’t honor Christ and will not ultimately be good for individual Christians or churches.

Working through this process can be an edifying experience, however. God can use this process to refine our understanding of God’s will for Christians and the church, to build love for the local body, to expose personal idols,  and to focus our lives more concretely on the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. To that end, here is a good post on Kevin DeYoung’s blog on good and bad reasons to leave a church.  It is a helpful word and I trust it will prove instructive in this area.

Additionally, here are some additional resources from 9 Marks on church life that are also very helpful:

According to Scripture, why should every Christian join a church?

What are some other reasons to join a church?


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