Taking Root: Conversion Stories For Children

Our family has been reading a great little book together called Taking Root: Conversion Stories For Kids. The details of the stories are fictional but based on true events. Each chapter has a different story and the chapters are between 2 and 5 pages long. I was looking for a resource like this for our family to read in order to help inculcate a “conversion” mentality in my children. I want to help them to see the need to have a personal relationship with Jesus, and to understand that that doesn’t happen automatically for them just because they are being raised by Christian parents but that they must be born again.

So far we have read the first five or six stories and have really enjoyed them. I have found that a dramatic reading of the story really engages the kids and they have mentioned the stories later on in other settings. Currently we are reading through this for a family reading time leading into our family worship in the evenings. But I imagine you could profitably use this book in a number of different ways and in different settings.


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