How Do You Pastor Your Family?

This is a nice little article from a dad who is tempted to “clock out” when he gets home from work at 5:30. Many dads can probably relate. He writes about his regular routine for pastoring his family and has some very practical advice. I particularly appreciated the fact that he helps dads to see that they should be purposeful in prayer and devotions but also purposeful in play and conversation. Furthermore, he reminds dads not just to focus on the children and forget about the wife.

Here is a blurb:

Husbands/dads, don’t clock-out on your way home; be ready to be present and engaged; don’t let your kids or wife expect to hear your formulaic: “I’m tired;” turn your phone off (I recently read something like this: “If you touched your wife as much as you touch your iPhone your marriage would be in a much better spot.”); cancel your cable TV; repent of your addiction to new projects, hobbies, and distractions.

He gives some good counsel to the wives also:

Wives, be gracious; be forgiving; learn and grow with your husband; make your home inviting and pleasing; manage the stress level (for you and the kids) before dad gets home (i.e. don’t let the water boil all day so that it’s boiling over the top right when dad’s car pulls up).

And again:

Wives, this may be new or unfamiliar for many dads. Go easy on him. Encourage him. Honor his leadership. Don’t undermine. Don’t criticize. Model respect and love for your children to see. And remember, the kids are watching.

This may be the best short article I have read on the topic. Read it. Show it to your wife/husband. Print it out and read it again tommorrow. Pray that God would help you put it into action and be blessed as worship and devotion to Christ become more and more a part of the fabric of your normal family life.


2 responses to “How Do You Pastor Your Family?

  1. Thanks Billy!! I read this last night and shared it with Greg to check out. Then this evening I was reading about Jonathan Edwards in “Marriage To a Difficult Man” and how he was a great example of what your post here is describing…having devotion time twice a day with his kids and also setting aside an hour every evening just to “play” with them. Good stuff! 🙂

    • tractsandtreatises


      Thanks for the reminder abut Edwards and play time. I didn’t remember that. By the way, my wife also loved “Marriage to a Difficult Man.” Go figure!


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