Apologetics Conference

The Mid-Atlantic Bible Fellowship Fall Conference will be held in Columbia Maryland on Saturday, Oct. 30. I am told that these conferences are done well and the topic this Fall is certainly an important one, presuppositional apologetics. In addition, Nate Graham, a friend and local Delaware pastor with a strong biblical ministry, will be teaching the session on the deity of Christ. 

A Christian’s approach to defending their faith should reflect the basic convictions of that same faith. What a Christian believes about the Bible, about God, about man, about Christ, about the Christian faith in its entirety, will (or should) dictate the way he defends those same doctrines. In other words, an approach to apologetics should never be separated from our theology. This is why I appreciate the Calvinistic doctrinal convictions of the MABF which govern the approach to this conference. As Cornelius Van Til has said:

“Apologetics, like systematics, is valuable to the precise extent that it presses the truth upon the attention of the natural man. The natural man must be blasted out of his hideouts, his caves, his last lurking places. Neither a Roman Catholic nor an Arminian methodology has the flame-throwers with which to reach him. In the all-out war between the Christian and the natural man as he appears in modern garb, it is only the atomic energy of a truly Reformed methodology that will explode the last Festung [fortress, stronghold] to which the Roman Catholic and the Arminian always permit him to retreat and to dwell in safety.” The Defense of the Faith, p. 127.

It is sure to be a  profitable day. Check it out if you have the time. Here is a blurb:

How can a Christian declare the Word of God to the unbeliever when that unbeliever does not even believe anyone can be certain about God or His Word? How can you accomplish this in a God-honoring manner that also does not compromise the authority of the Bible?

The Mid-Atlantic Bible Fellowship Fall Conference will demonstrate how to use the Word of God to defend the Christian faith and challenge the unbeliever’s worldview. This conference is designed to show the believer in Christ why he should proclaim the Gospel of Christ boldly, and trust the power of God to persuade men. It will also help to deepen the conviction that the Bible is the self-authenticating word of God and can be used to evangelize everyone from atheists to those committed to another religion.


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