Rushing “decisions” and Presuming on the Spirit

 I came across this helpful comment from Kent Hughes, while looking through some of my notes on child evangelism (from Disciplines of a Godly Family).

“We must be concerned about spiritual growth without rushing it. We are aware of the trauma that can be caused by a parent who insists a child be potty-trained before he has control of his bladder or walk before he is able. But greater trauma is inflicted by parents who insist that their child ‘accept Christ’ before he or she is capable of making such a decision. Joseph Bayly has rightly decried the bogus conversions anxious parents have perpetrated – especially when the child is told, ‘Now Jesus is in your heart, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.’ Very well, if the child has truly trusted Christ. But there can be literal hell to pay if the parent is wrong.”

J. I. Packer points to a much better and more biblical way:

“‘Evangelism must rather be conceived as a long-term enterprise of patient teaching and instruction, in which God’s servants seek simply to be faithful in delivering the gospel message and applying it to human lives, and leave it to God’s Spirit to draw men to faith through this message in his own way and at his own speed’.”  Joel BeekePuritan Evangelism: A Biblical Approach, 48-49.



One response to “Rushing “decisions” and Presuming on the Spirit

  1. That IS helpful! thank you.

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