Friendship Evangelism

I want to recommend a recent book by a friend of mine, Jomo Johnson, entitled “Letters to Charles: Cordial Letters To and From and Atheist Friend.”

The publisher’s description:

“What do dear friends who grew up together do when one abandons his faith in God for Atheism? They do the obvious. They remain friends! This witty, funny, and intellectual dialogue follows two young men as they discuss such issues as the possibility of God, Science, Ultimate Reality, and John and Kate Plus 8. Charles is the bright University Student who has chosen to cast off the restraints of religion for free thought, skepticism, and naturalist philosophy. JJ, his dear and beloved friend, has just enrolled in seminary to study for ministry. When JJ hears of Charles surprising conversion to Atheism, a unique correspondence begins that will challenge both men intellectually. The reader who peers into this conversation will be engaged in one of the most creative and unique debates on Theism and Atheism ever seen.”

From my perspective, this book seems to fit a big need. I imagine many Christians have wondered: “How do I talk to my friend so-and-so about Christ?” “How do I deal with objections that they might have?” Or you might be a person who has read books on Christian apologetics and understand the theory but don’t know what it might look like to put it into practice. This book will help in each of these areas.

Jomo is a good brother who has the heart of an evangelist and the mind of a theologian. I have had my own evangelistic passion stirred up in personal conversations with Jomo and I suspect this book will serve the church in the same way. I should also mention that Jomo is a PCA minister involved in a church plant in Philadelphia, and all financial proceeds from this book are going to that work.


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