And A Merry Christmas To You!

With squirrels running for cover and dogs barking their approval, the Rosano family (minus two) wound up for a hearty rendition of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” on our neighbor’s doorstep last night. What can I say…the von Trapp family doesn’t have anything on us. Schoolhouse Lane was alive with the sound of music! Believe it or not this was also a spontaneous song given upon request of one of our neighbors. Maybe they didn’t know what they were in for!

With the “gift” (?!) of our singing, we also brought our neighbors big soft homemade chocloate chip cookies, 2 Ways to Live gospel tracts, New Testaments, and an invitation to join our congregation in celebrating Christmas this year. More than one home invited us in to talk and the Lord provided an extra blessing through that. It was truly a joy.

An even greater joy is to know that this is going on with members of our congregation all over Kent and Sussex counties, and even spreading into New Castle county as well as Maryland!


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