Conference: “The Effectual Atonement of Christ”

If you have the opportunity, check out a conference that is going on this week in Md on the atonement of Christ. Rick Hensley and I will be speaking, along with a few other men, some of whom I know and others that I look forward to meeting. It should be an excellent time considering the great redemptive work of Christ for the salvation of sinners and I look forward to seeing you there! 

Location: First Baptist, Marydel, Maryland

Theme: The Effectual Atonement Of Christ

Date: Sunday, June 12- Wednesday, June 15th. All evening services starting at 7pm.

Here is the batting order:

Sunday, June 12

  • Chris Williams, Pastor, Covenant Family Church – “Can the Effectual, Substitutionary Atonement Fail?”
  • Ramzan Hosein, Pres., Trinidad & Tobago Bible College – “Does God Give Faith as a Gift to Man or Does Man Give Faith As a Gift to God”

 Monday, June 13

  • Jason Anderson, Pastor, Faith Reformed Baptist Church – “Romans 2: 1-10 as Relates to the Atonement”
  • Dr. David Depp, Professor, Pastor, Missionary, Greenville, SC – “Universal Terms (All, Every, World) Applied to the Atonement”

 Tuesday, June 14

  • Bob Phillips, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Marydel – “Is Saving Faith a Condition For, or a Fruit of Regeneration”
  • Rick Hensley, Pastor, Grace & Truth Community Church – “Christ’s Imputed Righteousness (active & passive obedience) As It Relates to The Atonement”

 Wednesday, June 15

  • Billy Rosano, Pastor, Grace & Truth Community Church – “Christ’s Atonement As It Relates to The Old Testament”
  • Ramzan Hosein, President, Trinidad & Tobago Bible College – “Foreign Missions As It Relates To The Atonement”

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