God’s Purpose in Satan’s Plots

Paul Levy recently drew attention to William Green’s book on Job where he gives us 8 reasons for earthly troubles and calls them ‘disciplinary ends of the temptations of Satan.’
  1. They drive us to take refuge in God
  2. They train the believer in the duties and exercises of the Christian warfare
  3. They are made a means of intensifying our hatred for sin
  4. They can be an aid to self knowledge as unsuspected germs of evil are brought to light
  5. They afford the occasion to grace to develop itself in forms which otherwise it could not assume.
  6. They wean the heart from the love of this present world.
  7. Having been bravely and successfully resisted, they shall heighten future glory.
  8. They redound to the glory of God’s grace.
 ‘He (Satan) is labouring to undo the work of God, to defeat the atonement, to destroy souls whom Christ would save. But his machinations shall recoil upon himself. Do what he may, let him rage as he please, let him accomplish his worst, and he is after all only building up what in his blind fury and malice he is endeavouring to bring down”

William H Green, Conflict and Triumph: The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded, (Banner of Truth 1999, p23-31)


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